It's not really clear why Superman would need a special outfit to go out on the streets of Metropolis, but this fit the bill.

Since his first appearance in 1938's Action Comics #1 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman has been one of the most popular superheroes in comic books. He has a huge assortment of powers added over time like flight, strength and heat vision. His immortality and power has made him

almost a god. What is it that people love about Superman? His strength? His power? His morality? His ability to walk around the streets in a leather jacket? Wait, what? That's what we got with 1995's Street Guardian Superman.

The toymakers decided to replace his blue tights and red underwear with black pants. They also got rid of his iconic cape and replaced it with a trench coat because there's nothing more 1990s than a superhero wearing a trench coat. If you think this might be something that '90s kids could work with, consider that he didn't come with a steel beam he could bend or a brick wall to smash through. Street Guardian Superman came with a "swinging battle chain" and "armored shield," things that a superstrong and invulnerable hero definitely doesn't need.

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