Lady Death gets an extreme makeover

Official Press Release

Amazing art isn't the only new surprise awaiting readers in LADY DEATH: THE WILD HUNT #1.

Celebrating the arrival of the astounding art team of penciler Jim Cheung, inker Mark Pennington, and colorist Wil Quintana, writer Brian Pulido has turned the life of his chaotic creation upside down. Jumping ahead one full year from the events of LADY DEATH: A MEDIEVAL TALE #12, the debut issue reveals that the supernatural race known as the Eldritch have declared war on humanity and conquered Europe. In a desperate effort to protect the innocent, Lady Death - born of the two races now at war - leads an underground resistance force comprised of allies who were once enemies. But how can one woman, even one possessing amazing abilities, stop two worlds from obliterating the other?

Reaching out to new readers while also delivering shocks to veteran fans, LADY DEATH: THE WILD HUNT #1 is - hot on the heels of the praise for NEGATION WAR Part One - now generating its own avalanche of applause.

"The perfect jumping-on point... the stage is set for some great action and character development... whether you were a seasoned Lady Death reader or have never read her in your life, pick this up, you'll have some great fun and won't be able to put it down." -Robert Taylor, HeroRealm.com

"(LADY DEATH: THE WILD HUNT #1 includes) fun characters, strong artwork and an interesting analogy about war based on religion... I was a big fan of Jim Cheung's work on SCION, and the nature of the story and characters here play to his strengths." -Don MacPherson, TheFourthRail.com

"Powerful... Pulido has given us a real character we can care about... (and) the art by Jim Cheung is impressive." -Ryan Scott Ottney, MediaSharx.com

"An absolute must-have... Pulido has evolved Lady Death once again... all the hype doesn't do this issue justice. Cheung's work here is absolutely beautiful!" -Heath Shelby, TheComicFanatic.com

Join the hunt on March 31st, when LADY DEATH: THE WILD HUNT #1 roars into a comics specialty store near you!

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