Lady Death collector's plate canceled

Official Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ - November 6, 2001 - We regret to inform you that Chaos! has canceled the Lady Death Collector's Plate (a November listed product). Chaos! Comics is rigorous about maintaining the best Possible quality and delivery of its products. We could. not ensure great quality and on time holiday shipping, so we choose to cancel the profitable plate. We regret any and all inconvenience this will cause but we strongly believe in that our quality cannot be compromised. We made the same decision this summer when we canceled the Chastity and Purgatori beach towels.

Publisher Brian Pulido states, "One thing we cannot do is put out a product that isn't up to our high quality standards and not ship on time. That would be an injustice to our customers and fans. We strive on making the highest quality product possible and deliver them on time, something which people have come to know and expect from Chaos! Comics."

Chaos! recognizes that it has canceled several fun and profitable projects this year and has made plans to rectify the situation. "We've put a system in place for choosing quality minded suppliers," says Chaos! art director Mike Flippin. "That way we can insure good quality and on time shipping".

Chaos! would like to thank retailers and fans for their support for this exciting product, and retailers should rest assured that Chaos! will offer this product again in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.

For more information on Chaos!, please visit www.chaoscomics.com or contact us at 1-888-CHAOS13.

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