Lady Death, Bad Kitty and Chastity crossover April, 2002, in response to 9/11 events

Official Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ - On September 11th, the world was changed with acts of hate, now Chaos! Publisher and founder Brian Pulido, along with writer Brian Augustyn will be addressing how those events have crossed over into the Chaos! world.

This will be a heroic book in where you will see Lady Death, Chastity and Bad Kitty stepping out of their usual conflicts to help the real heroes of the tragedy. The sensitive nature of the project fits perfectly with the style of the prolific writer Brian Augustin, best known for bringing humanity to vampires in Crimson. He has also tackled other Chaos! crossovers including Lady Death/Medieval Witchblade and Lady Death/ Chastity, however no other project carries the emotional significance of Lady Death/Chastity/ Bad Kitty : United #1.

Lady Death/ Chastity/ Bad Kitty: United #1 will be a 32 page comic, in stores on April 19, 2002. It will be penciled by Ron Adrian.

For more information on Chaos!, visit the official newly designed website at www.chaoscomics.com.

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