'Lady Death #1' sells out

Official Press Release

Diamond Comics Distributors is sold out of BRIAN PULIDO'S LADY DEATH #1.After receiving a flurry of reorders, the distributor has shipped out everyavailable copy of the first issue of the dark fantasy adventure, whichstormed into comic shops on February 12th.

LADY DEATH is leading a trend for debut issues from CrossGen Entertainment,as-despite aggressive overprinting-inventory of BRATH #1, the first issue ofthe barbaric adventure, and CHIMERA #1, the opening chapter of thecomputer-enhanced sci-fi thriller, is also quickly dwindling.

"I'm honestly surprised at the reaction to the new LADY DEATH," statedwriter Brian Pulido. "Both retailers and readers have embraced it, whichfeels great. At the same time, the critical reaction has also been strong,and that's new for me. Mark Alessi and the entire CrossGen team arechallenging me to do my best, and I'm digging deep to make this a fresh takeon the medieval fantasy epic."

"After months and months of working on a new title, the sweetest words youcan hear is 'The print run sold out," said BRATH writer Chuck Dixon. "Itvindicates the entire team for all those weeks of suspense."

"I couldn't be more happy with how well CHIMERA has been received," saidco-writer/artist Brandon Peterson. "We overprinted issue #1 quite a bit, andwe still didn't fully predict the demand for it. I take that as a big voteof confidence in how fans are enjoying my new art style, which I unveiled inthe first issue. I think of this book as a breakout work for me, and as theseries goes along, I'd like to think that it keeps getting better andbetter. (Co-writer) Ron Marz and I are hard at work on the conclusion, so Ijust hope that all the fans that want to will be able to track down issue#1."

"The CrossGen team is thrilled by the reader and retailer reaction to ourtrio of triumphs," stated CrossGen Director of Marketing and CommunicationsBill Rosemann. "LADY DEATH, BRATH, and CHIMERA explore three differentgenres in three wildly different ways but with one successful result. Sowatch out for those second issues, because even though we overprinted, wehave a feeling that they were under ordered and will soon be following thefirst issues right off the shelves!"

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