Have a Nice Cup of Tea with this Labyrinth Worm Plush

'Member "Labyrinth," the awesomely weird 1986 adventure directed by the awesomely weird Jim Henson? Now, over 30 years later, you can take home one of the more adorable aspects of the master puppetmaker's bold vision of goblin kings, stolen babies and, yeas, cuddly worms.

A stuffed version of the friendly British worm* who greets Jenifer Connelly upon her arrival in the titular labyrinth is now available at ThinkGeek. The plush is fully licensed, about a foot long, and "can be used to enhance your Jareth costume"

The whimsical product has a suitably whimsical description to match:

"What a night. Her parents leave her to babysit her little brother, never bothering to ask if she had plans. Goblins come and take the poor boy away. And then, Sarah finds herself outside the Labyrinth, tasked with finding her way to the center or losing her baby brother forever! David Bowie sure can be mean. Once inside the Labyrinth, the first creature she meets is only referred to as 'The Worm' (and no complaining, because she met Hoggle outside the Labyrinth). Take a little magic from the Labyrinth home with you now, when you buy a Labyrinth Worm Plush."

*Tea and Missus not included

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