'Labyrinth' board game will transport you to Goblin City

"Labyrinth," Jim Henson's 1986 fantasy film starring Jennifer Connelly and late rock icon David Bowie, turns 30 this year. To celebrate, The Jim Henson Company is teaming with River Horse to release "Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game."

According to ToyNews, the game will feature five crafted miniatures based on the film's main characters: Connelly's teen protagonist Sarah, Bowie's villainous Jareth the Goblin King, Hoggle the dwarf, Ludo, and Sir Didymus, an anthropomorphic fox who rides a sheep dog named Ambrosius.

River Horse is the company behind the war game "Waterloo – Quelle Affaire!" and "Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game," a strategy game based on the film of the same name. Neither The Jim Henson Company nor River Horse have released any details about "Labyrinth's" gameplay, although promotional photos show an illustrated game board, full-color character cards and various multi-sided dice.

In addition to "Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game," The Jim Henson company is lining up a full slate of commemorative merchandise, including plush slippers shaped like "Labyrinth's" Worm and a line of Funko vinyl figures. The original film will return to theaters from Sept. 11 to Sept. 14. A new "Labryinth" DVD and Blu-Ray will arrive on Sept. 20.

"Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game" is available for preorder for $50 from River Horse. It's targeted for release later this summer.

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