LA Weekly Covers The Comics Industry

[LA Weekly]Los Angeles staple alternative paper, The LA Weekly, this week looks at the comics industry and artform in their Comics Action issue, on sale today.

As might be expected by those familiar with the alternative newspaer, the Weekly takes a look at the less-than-(American)-mainstream works of Osamu Tezuka, (creator of Astro Boy and a legend of manga comics and anime animation), Gary Panter and is-he-still-allowed-in-newspapers comic strip creator Aaron McGruder of "The Boondocks." But the Weekly also looks at more mainstream fare, like the career of Stan Lee:

"Trends fade if people stop buying the books," the Weekly quotes Lee in their article about him and his career. "I think a lot of writers don't want to be thought of as not hip, not up with the times. So they try to get that hard edge in their writing. I have no objection to that. A lot of hard-edged writing is damn good, but I can't empathize with someone who's unpleasant. Maybe it's because I'm such a pleasant guy myself!"

Straddling the line between mainstream and cutting edge is Alan Moore, who talks to the Weekly about writing, magic and madness:

"After Watchmen, I felt that I was perhaps coming to a limit as to what I could further understand about writing rationally," Moore is quoted as saying. "If I was going to go any further into writing, I had to take a step beyond the rational. Magic was the only area that offered floorboards after that step. And it also seemed to offer a new way of looking at things, a new set of tools to continue."

The special issue also interviews Eisner winner Chip Kidd about the art and science of archiving comics, and looks at filmmaker David Lynch's new Web comic, Dumbland.

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