L.A.'s Golden Apple Comics for sale on eBay

The owners of Golden Apple Comics have decided to exit the comics retail business and have put the Los Angeles-based comic shop up on eBay for $679,000.

According to the listing, owner Sharon Liebowitz is nearing retirement and wishes to divest herself for personal reasons. Her son, Ryan, general manager of the store, "is excited about the prospects of continuing his career that he put on hold in 2005 to run the family business."

The sale includes the company logo and website, their customer database, various physical assets like computers and furniture, and more than $300,000 in existing inventory and collectibles. As a bonus, the shop is located right across the street from the world-famous (and awesome) Pink's Hot Dog Stand, and the new owner will have great upstairs neighbors.

Check out the listing for more information. The details on what's for sale are in an image, and if it won't load for you on eBay, you can find it here.

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