L.A. comedians prep for celebrity roast of Superman

For one night only, Superman will finally get what's coming to him. Just what that is, remains to be seen.

The Los Angeles-based variety act Captured Aural Phantasy Theater will stage a celebrity roast of the Man of Steel Sept. 8 at the historic El Cid as part of a show titled Superhero Variety Hour. Members of the group will play characters from DC Comics, including Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Superman himself, as well as an unexpected host -- Dean Martin. Inspired by the celebrity roasts of the 1970s (and Comedy Central's recent revivals), actors will play the various parts.

For comics fans of a certain age, the production may evoke memories of Legends of the Superheroes, the two live-action specials that aired on NBC in 1979 (in that version, Ed McMahon served as host of the celebrity roast in the second episode).

This isn't the first comics-related production from Captured Aural Phantasy Theater. The troupe appeared at Comic-Con International, doing radio serial-type performances of classic comics from the 1950s and 1960s.

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