L.A. Banks' Vampire Huntress: Dawn and Darkness

Follow the Neterus and the Neteru Guardian Team as they take the fight against evil beyond the Armageddon! The team is still searching for the wounded Anti-Christ while trying to avoid the wrath of Lucifer. Complicating matters, several members of the team are pregnant with the next generation of Warriors of Light, and the darkness wants them and their unborn wiped off the face of the planet. To make matters worse, a new predator is hunting humans - something not wholly vampire or werewolf or like any demon they've ever encountered... and this time the predator is out for more than just blood!


Issues 1-4 of the original series written by L.A. BANKS that takes place after the epilogue of the 12th and final Vampire Huntress novel.

All of the series covers by BRETT BOOTH

An introduction by JONATHAN MABERRY

An afterword by L.A. BANKS

"The Making of Vampire Huntress" featuring sketches and commentary


"I would imagine that any fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer would quickly become a fan of Vampire Huntress and vice versa." -majorspoilers.com

"The Vampire Huntress Legends: Dawn and Darkness ... should not be missed by (L.A. Banks') fans or anyone who enjoys great paranormal fantasy!" -heavyink.com

L.A. Banks is a New York Times best-selling author and recipient of the 2009 Romantic Times Booklover's Career Choice Award for Paranormal Fiction as well as the 2008 Essence Storyteller of the Year award. Ms. Banks has written over 42 novels and contributed to 23 novellas, in multiple genres under various pseudonyms.

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