Kyle Higgins to Direct Hadrian's Wall Film Adaptation

The acclaimed sci-fi murder mystery Hadrian's Wall has been optioned as a feature film, with co-creator and writer Kyle Higgins signed to write and direct the adaptation.

Independent film studio Gunpowder & Sky, through their sci-fi label DUST, has greenlit the Image Comics adaptation; the production company previously releasing acclaimed original films for both HBO and Netflix.

Co-created with Alec Siegel and Rod Reis, the 2016 title saw a detective addicted to painkillers traveling to a remote spaceship to investigate the death of his ex-wife's new husband. Going through withdrawal while on the isolated ship with everyone as a suspect, the detective stumbles across a mystery that could risk an interplanetary Cold War suddenly going violently hot.

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"Although Hadrian’s Wall takes place a century into the future, the crew of the space vessel navigates both a murder mystery and a civil war in a world smartly mirroring our present day," said Gunpowder & Sky SVP of Development and Production Cody Zwieg in a written statement. "Higgins turned the classic whodunit tale on its head and shot it into space. This is exactly the kind of film we like to put out at DUST and Gunpowder & Sky.”

This marks Higgins feature directorial debut. The bestselling writer had previously written and directed short films including The League and Shadow Hours before directing a live-action trailer for his Boom! Studios comic book crossover event Power Rangers: Shattered Grid. The trailer proved an immediate success and received over 12 million views in its first two weeks after release. In addition to Hadrian's Wall, Higgins has also co-created and written the Image Comics titles C.O.W.L. and The Dead Hand.

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"I was blown away by the filmmaker-friendly team at Gunpowder & Sky and I’m grateful to be making my first feature with them. It was immediately clear how passionate they are and we share the same vision for how to bring Hadrian’s Wall to the big screen," said Higgins. "The best murder mysteries are vehicles for character study, and at its core, this is a story about relationships, set in one of the most isolated places in the universe. I think fans of the book will be as thrilled as I am.”

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