Kyle Baker Moves To Image

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Everybody loves Kyle Baker! Aaron MacGruder called him "the best in the graphic novel business," Frank Miller says he's got "a nasty wit," and now Baker's making Image Comics his new home!

Starting in February 2007, Image will be presenting the concluding volume of the critically acclaimed Eisner Award winning graphic novel NAT TURNER, upcoming episodes of his hilarious family humor series THE BAKERS, and some new titles as well, including the long-awaited IMPORTANT LITERARY JOURNAL.

"Taking my books to Image was a no-brainer," Baker says. "First of all, it's a major publishing house run by cartoonists! And not just any cartoonists, really great cartoonists! I've been wanting to join up with these guys since they started the company in the '90s, and now that the line has expanded to include a wider array of genres such as humor, horror, war and mystery, I feel there's finally room at Image for Kyle Baker books. The Image folks have a real passion for comics and really go out of their way to do things right, and for a guy like me, there's nothing more important."

Image's presentation of Kyle Baker's new work starts with Nat Turner Book 2: Revolution. The winner of the 2006 Eisner Award for Best Reality-Based Work charges to its shocking conclusion with Turner's final stand against the evil institution of slavery. The Washington Post called Nat Turner, "a great teaching aid..." that evokes "the diabolic slave trade's real horrors." Don't miss the conclusion of one of the decade's most important comics.

Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson says, "Kyle is one of the most talented creators in the field, and his work is at turns powerful, at others funny, but always masterfully executed. We couldn't be prouder than to welcome him to the Image Comics family."

Nat Turner Book 2: Revolution is available in December Previews and ships February 14. (DIAMOND #DEC061867; PRICE: $10.00)

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