Kyle Baker 'Flaunts' his manhood

Official Press Release

The current issue of FLAUNT magazine, #51, boasts a lovely two-page spread created by Kyle Baker, cartoonist of "Cartoonist", and cartoonist's cartoonist. The feature is titled "The Compendium Of All Essential Male Knowledge; A Complete List Of Everything A Young Man Needs To Know! Ever!"

#51 is FLAUNT's annual "Man's Best" issue.

"It's just about the best printing job I've ever seen on one of my cartoons," says Baker of the full-color extravaganza. "Excellent paper stock. That might sound goofy, but it's always a joy when the printing does one's artwork justice."

Baker also admitted off the record that he thinks the piece, which he wrote as well as illustrated, is very funny, but he doesn't like to brag.

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