Kwanza Johnson &amp; Andy Belanger dole out justice in <i>Insta★Cop</i>

Crime may be around the corner, but justice is right behind it.

Former Marvel and DC Comics editor Kwanza Johnson is teaming with Kill Shakespeare artist Andy Belanger on a no-nonsense single-panel webcomic series whose concept is boiled down in its title: Insta★Cop. Alumni of DC's Zuda webcomics imprint, Johnson and Belanger seem to be keeping that spirit alive in this strip.

"[Lead character] John Cop is a man on a mission. A mission to eat donuts, drink coffee and dispense justice to punks who would defy the law," they explain on their Facebook page. " The story updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wear shades while you read, it might burn your eyes."

This is the first time Johnson has written a published comic that I'm aware of, but he's built goodwill with his work at DC and Marvel. Belanger has been doling out his own comic justice with Kill Shakespeare and the greatly missed Bottle of Awesome webcomic.

Here's the first week's worth of material, which gives you an idea what to expect moving forward:

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