Kurtzman, Orci and Wiseman Visiting <i>Sleepy Hollow</i> For TV

Fairy tales may be bigger than superheroes right now, at least when it comes to television. Deadline reports that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are working on a Sleepy Hollow television series through their own K/O Paper Products.

Kurtzman and Orci will re-team with Len Wiseman, who directed the pilot to the writers' reboot of Hawaii Five-O and has Total Recall coming out Aug. 3. The modern-day supernatural thriller will focus on Ichabod Crane, who returns to his hometown of Sleepy Hollow and teams up with the female sheriff to "solve the mysteries of a town ravaged by the battle between good and evil." The show, which is being pitched to networks now, will be the first coming out of Kurtzman and Orci's K/O Paper Products through 20th Century Fox Television.

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