Kurtzman and Orci's Sci-Fi Thriller <i>Sagittarius A</i> Lands at Universal

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci's relationship with Universal Pictures continues to produce some potentially interesting projects. The latest team-up between the studio and K/O Paper Products is called Sagittarius A, which Kurtzman and Orci developed with Steve Karczynski, Deadline reports.

Karczynski doesn't have any produced screenplays at the moment, but that won't last long. His script, The Umbra, hovered on the Black List until Endgame Entertainment swooped in and brought director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) along with them. He also penned the adaptation of the alternate history WWII, jet pack-fueled action video game Dark Void that's in the works at Reliance.

Nothing has been revealed about Sagittarius A beyond that it's a sci-fi thriller.

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