Kurt Russell and John Carpenter tp sign 'Snake Plissken' comic

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The return of Snake Plissken to the world of pop culture has many peopleexcited, but none more than his creators, director John Carpenter, producerDebra Hill, and actor Kurt Russell. In celebration of the renownedanti-hero's return, CrossGen Entertainment and Hurricane Entertainment havearranged for all three Hollywood superstars to sign copies of JOHNCARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES #1, on sale June 25th, as a specialRetailer Incentive.

"Initially we offered a free copy of issue #1 signed by John Carpenter as aspecial incentive to the first 100 retailers who ordered 150 copies," statedJan Utstein-O'Neill, CEO of Hurricane Entertainment. "However, when we did agrass roots campaign, polling retailers on their response to the previewcopies of SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES that reached them just last week, wefound that order activity would be higher than anticipated. Therefore, wewould like to thank the retailing community by altering the incentivecriteria. We have decided to entirely eliminate the 'only the first 100retailers to order' requirement and lower the minimum order from 150 to just90 copies. This will now allow the incentive to be available to smallerstores."

"We only recently found out from Debra that Kurt Russell himself would bepleased to sign copies to help draw attention to new stories starringSnake," explained series writer William O'Neill. "How cool is that? This hasgot to be a first for the comic book industry."

"Snake Plissken is John Carpenter's favorite character that he created,"stated Hill. "He's also Kurt Russell's favorite to play, and my favorite toshare with many generations of new fans."

JOHN CARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES, phase one of a much larger Snakelaunch, is the result of a partnership between Hurricane Entertainment andCarpenter, Hill, and Russell. The debut of the comic book series will befollowed by a new release of Escape From New York on DVD from MGM HomeVideo, with a plethora of bonus materials, including pages from the comicitself. There will also be a series of novelizations, an anime feature fromProduction IG (producers of Ghost In The Shell), and an electronic videogame due out summer of 2005.

"Snake still has a lot of fans," added Tony Panaccio, CrossGen's Senior VicePresident of Product Development. "Retailers can expect many of the topentertainment magazines to cover his big return."

The complete set of Incentives now include:

JOHN CARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES #1 (in solicitation now for Junerelease) Incentive - buy 90 (any combination of three covers) and get a freeissue #1, Tone Rodriguez Cover, signed by director John Carpenter (BigTrouble In Little China, The Thing).

JOHN CARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES #2 (August release) Incentive -buy 60 (any combination of two covers) and get a free issue #1, Kurt RussellPhotomontage, signed by actor Kurt Russell (Backdraft, Stargate).

JOHN CARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES #3 (October release) Incentive -buy 50 (any combination of two covers) and get a free issue #1, John VanFleet cover, signed by Producer Debra Hill (Halloween, The Fisher King).

As a bonus, writer William O'Neill and artist Tone Rodriguez will also signall of the free issues.

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