Kurt Busiek to write 'Superfolks' intro

Official Press Release

Kurt Busiek, writer of the current mega-hit miniseries with the Avengers and the JLA, is providing an introduction for the new edition of SUPERFOLKS, About Comics announced today. This 1977 novel, a look at a retired superhero yanked out of his middle-aged, middle-class life to face the dangers and thrills of fighting one last menace, had a profound impact on comics. As Kurt states in his introduction, "this is the holy grail. The book that changed everything for the action boys. Nobody knew, then. Everybody should know, now…"

Busiek has long championed of this novel, sharing hard-to-find copies with people and seeking to get it back in print. His own alternative view of superheroing, seen as far back as his early work on THE LIBERTY PROJECT (now available in trade paperback) and as recently as his current work, was shaped by this amazing prose novel. He admits that "without SUPERFOLKS, I doubt there'd ever have been an ASTRO CITY."

This new limited edition of the book will be sold only through direct market comics shops and convention sales, with only 2000 copies being released. However, everybody can go to www.AboutComics.com and read a free multi-chapter sample of the book.

SUPERFOLKS is a darkly comic, racy, politically-incorrect satire. The About Comics edition, featuring an original Dave Gibbons-drawn cover, comes out in trade paperback format in December. Retailers can order it through Diamond, FM International, and Cold Cut.

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