Kurt Busiek Explains the History of Iron Man's Temporary Nose

Comic book characters get redesigned, for better or for worse, all the time, much to fans' dismay. One of the most infamous examples is the brief time Iron Man had a nose. While many of Tony Stark's fans like to forget this period, a recent conversation on Twitter shed some light on the controversial change.

In Issue #68 of The Invincible Iron Man, Iron Man's eye and mouth shields get cracked by extreme water pressure while underwater, giving the Avenger an excuse to change up his look by giving his new mask a nose. Surprisingly, Tony Stark's in-story explanation for the new face is that it will make him look more expressive, which will help him strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. However, that still brings up one question: Why did the artists behind the scenes changes things up in the first place?

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Journalist Sean Robinson asked this question on Twitter while looking at an Iron Man cover during this phase of Stark's life, admitting it always secretly bugged him.

Comic book writer Kurt Busiek saw the post and was willing to share what actually happened, or at least what he's heard was the reason, through a series of follow-up Tweets.

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So, the whole thing was basically an answer to a rhetorical question from Stan Lee. Busiek assured, however, that Lee wasn't expecting the change to actually happen.

So, there you have it, folks. Always be careful about taking things, even suggestions from your boss, too literally. It's also good form not to ask why or why not people have noses.

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