Kurt Angle Teases Next WWE Match with Captain America-Inspired Gear

Professional wrestler Kurt Angle is known for expressing his patriotism through his ring gear, traditionally performing while covered in the colors of the American flag. Marvel Comics' Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, is also known to sport the red, white and blue on his costume as he heads into battle.

It's not a huge surprise, then that when Angle next steps into the squared circle for the WWE (he's currently the commissioner of WWE's Raw brand), he'll do so wearing his new Captain America-inspired wrestling gear. Of course, this time it's specifically designed to evoke the look of Marvel's star-spangled Avenger.

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The former Olympic gold medalist and WWE commissioner shared a photo of himself in his Cap garb, with the caption, "Photo shoot today, sporting my new 'Capt America' gear, and my @grappzofficial gloves. #AllAmerican #itstrue."

As you can see, the wrestling gear stays faithful to Captain America's attire, with the red and white bar midsection, and Cap's letter A logo on the chest. Of course, Angle and Cap's outfits wouldn't be complete without white stars and red, white and blue encompassing the overall look. The only thing Angle is missing is Cap's helmet/mask, but he does make sure to include a pair of gloves (along with plug for their maker, Grappz) as accessories.

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