<i>Kung Fu</i> and <i>The Fall Guy</i> Making the Leap to the Big Screen

Legendary Pictures, the production company behind Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, the Hangover flicks and Inception among others, has another interesting property in the works for the big screen: Kung Fu.

The original television series, which ran from 1972-1975 on ABC, starred David Carradine as the Wild West wandering Shaolin monk Caine. The show bounced around from Caine as an adult to him as a teenager and even a child as he traveled around, taught lessons and kicked butt. It even spawned a few TV movies and a second syndicated series years later called Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Now, according to Variety, Kung Fu is about to get a facelift. Legendary Pictures is working to get Bill Paxton on board to direct the movie version based on a script by Black Swan's John McLaughlin.

Meanwhile, Deadline reports another ABC series is getting polished up for the big screen -- The Fall Guy. The 1981-1986 series starred Lee Majors as a stuntman who doubled as a bounty hunter, going on a different adventure every week. Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, a pair of writers involved in Thor and X-Men: First Class, are taking a crack at the script, with Casino Royale and Green Lantern director Martin Campbell in early talks to helm the movie.

It's interesting that both properties have such broad premises that can easily translate into huge feature films even if the names themselves might not hold as much cache as they once did. The kids might not know Kung Fu or The Fall Guy, but how can they not be interested in "traveling warrior monk" and "bounty-hunting stunt man" as jumping-off points?

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