Kubert School alumnists and Komikwerks team up

Official Press Release

LOS ANGELES - Komikwerks and comic's legend Joe Kubert (Sgt. Rock, award winning Fax from Sarajevo, Eisner nominated Yossel) have joined forces. In an effort to draw attention to the many talented creators the school has produced over the years, Joe and Komikwerks are rounding up as many alumni as possible. Komikwerks will be posting creator owned stories from the alumni, many are comics and animation pros such as Tom Mandrake or Derrick Wyatt of the animated Teen Titans. Many other pros are contributing in an effort to say thanks to Joe for years of promoting comics as a career. The incredibly talented, self-publishing Kyle Baker is one of those, "Count me in! I'm a huge Joe Kubert fan!" as well as Eisner winner Keith Giffen," Who wouldn't want to do this?"

Kyle's and Keith's sentiment echoes that of many in the comic's field. Komikwerks couldn't be more delighted to be working with so many talented creators in an effort to draw attention to one of the greatest institutions in comics, the Kubert School (www.kubertsworld.com). So if you're a Kubert alumni or an animation or comics' professional and want to get involved please contact shannon@komikwerks.com to find out more.

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