Krypton Showrunner Talks Taking on Brainiac in Season Finale

Brainiac’s plot to shrink the city of Kandor and bottle it means big trouble for Seg in Krypton’s Season 1 finale.

So far, Brainiac and his emissaries have proven virtually unstoppable. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. General Zod wants to thaw the slumbering Doomsday, and let that monster battle it out with Brainiac. But at what cost? As the clock ticks down, Seg will be forced to make some tough decisions in order to defeat the green-skinned Collector of Worlds -- or lose Kandor forever.

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Showrunner Cameron Welsh recently spoke with CBR about Brainiac’s endgame, preserving the El legacy, Doomsday unleashed on the small screen, betrayals and what’s in store for Season 2 of the freshly renewed Syfy series.

Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em on Krypton

CBR: General Zod somehow seems to be Seg’s son. How does that bombshell sit with Seg?

Cameron Welsh: The news probably impacts the audience, who have more knowledge of Zod’s history than Seg himself in many ways. Seg is still trying to figure out exactly who Zod is. But, by the end of the finale, he’s left in no doubt about the man, what he stands for and the lengths he’ll go to in order to achieve his goals.

Lyta sided with General Zod over Seg and her own mother. That must sting. In what ways will that impact all their relationships moving forward?

Seg definitely feels the sting of betrayal, especially after experiencing something similar with Adam. It may make Seg generally less trusting, but in terms of Lyta specifically, he is still in love with her and with a bit of distance, he’ll understand Lyta truly did what she thought was right. He can respect that. The bigger question may be whether Lyta can ever forgive herself for the choices she's made?

Brainiac is now on the loose. How dire is the situation at this point, and what does he want?

On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a code Thanos! I mean, he’s not called the Collector of Worlds for nothing. A being that has the power to do what Brainiac does is not to be taken lightly. We’ve already seen how hard our heroes have had to fight just to combat his Sentry.

At this moment, Brainiac has one goal -- to capture Kandor and add it to his collection -- and now he is fully powered, fully present and ready to get on with the job. Brainiac has not yet failed when he’s set his sights on a city, and with Kandor as divided and broken as it already is, it’s looking like a snack to him.

Nothing seems to phase Brainiac. What now? What kind of options are Seg weighing?

Seg has shown so far that there are some lines he isn’t prepared to cross. To defeat Brainiac, he will be forced to reconsider this. There’s no question that this is easily the biggest test Seg has ever faced, but that’s already obvious. What is interesting to me is seeing how the development of the character across the season has set the stage for Seg to define what he believes the El legacy has and should be in the future, having started at a place of disconnection from it.

For now, Doomsday remains in a deep freeze. What conversations did you have about realizing this powerhouse predator on the small screen?

We had many, many conversations about how to best realize Doomsday. I know that so far, we haven’t seen that much of him, just glimpses, and that’s for a few reasons. Firstly, story. We don’t want to rush his introduction. Secondly, we wanted to take all the time we had to develop the concept designs in order to deliver the very best Doomsday we could, one that DC fans would be truly excited to see. Our VFX team, led by the brilliant Ian Markiewicz, really delivered the goods with this Doomsday. We referenced the iconic Dan Jurgens Doomsday design and that was our foundation. In fact, in the finale, we tip our hat to the great Dan Jurgens with some of the visuals as we further Doomsday’s story.

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