Krypton Showrunner Shares Season 3's Dark, Violent Teaser

Following the Krypton Season 2 finale, Syfy pulled the plug on the Superman prequel series. The finale ended on a promising cliffhanger, as Brainiac -- now in possession of baby Jor-El -- plotted a course for planet Earth. Now, Krypton showrunner Cam Welsh has shared part of his plans for the Season 3 that will never be.

"I might get into trouble for this... But here’s the teaser for what would have been the first episode of season 3 that @LukeKalteux and I cooked up," the showrunner tweeted.

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The teaser is a full-page, detailed account of what would have transpired in the Season 3 opener. Set in the year 2020, the episode would have moved the action from Krypton to Earth -- specifically, to Pevek, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia. There, viewers would have been introduced to a character who sounds a lot like Clark Kent.

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The so-called Quiet Boy enters a school bus to look for a seat. Soon, a large bully tramples him and calls him names. However, the quiet boy doesn't fight back. Instead, he shows restraint and takes the high road.

Later, the young boy is picked up by his kind father, who is clearly meant to evoke Jonathan Kent. The father explains the differences between bullies and good people to his son and drives him to the home of his bully, where he advises him to offer friendship. There, the quiet boy extends his hand to his bully... and that is when things take a dark turn.

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The Bully stares a moment, surprised. Then he takes the quiet boy's hand... Boy smiles. He glances backs at his proud father... But when the boy's eyes return to the Bully's --


With a scream, HE OBLITERATES THE BOY WITH HEAT VISION! Nothing left but singed dirt as Boy's Father grabs a rifle from his truck - rushes the shack. Tearfully he meets Bully's eyes as -- The FATHER IS KILLED BY A BRAINIAC TENDRIL TO THE THROAT! Tossed aside like nothing.

Brainiac steps from the shack's shadows looking like our man Blake Ritson (no green skin). His EYES ARE BLACK as he puts a hand on the shoulder of the bully -- revealing this is JOR-EL, his adopted son. Jor apologies, conflicted over what he's done, but Brainiac tells him to never apologize for the power he possesses. Strength is a virtue necessary to survival. Jor is meant for something bigger. As the boy hugs Brainiac, we hear Jor utter foud chilling words:

"... I love you, Dad."

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This 'Evil Jor-El' tease comes shortly after the showrunner released a lengthy statement thanking fans for their support of the television series.

Krypton stars Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange, Georgina Campbell as Lyta-Zod, Elliot Cowan as Daron-Vex, Ann Ogbomo as Jayna-Zod, Rasmus Hardiker as Kem, Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex, Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em, Ian McElhinney as Val-El and Blake Ritson as Brainiac.

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