Who Was Krypton's OTHER Green Lantern?

I guess this is still technically Comic Book Questions Answered, but it is really a follow-up from the previous edition, which dealt with the mystery of who Krypton's Green Lantern was.

But here's the thing, in recent years, Geoff Johns had altered Green Lantern Corps history so now each Sector had TWO Green Lanterns in them. Thus, Tomar-Re could not be the ONLY Green Lantern of Krypton. Jim Krueger dropped me a line to let me know that he had written an issue of Adventures of Superman with artists Neil Edwards and Scott Hanna addressing the topic of the OTHER Green Lantern from Krypton!

In Adventures of Superman #11 (which is the print edition of the "online first" Adventures of Superman comic book, so issues #31-33 of the online edition of the series), we meet a sad and pathetic Green Lantern drinking at a bar in outer space, seemingly holding his Green Lantern power battery all locked up.

It is there that a stranger lets him in on the fact that there was a SURVIVOR of the destruction of Krypton!

So the Green Lantern heads to Earth, where he meets Superman, tells him who he is and asks Superman to kill him...

As it turns out, while Tomar-Re was on his doomed mission (which we learned about last time), this Green Lantern was trying his own method of helping but it was to no avail...

When Superman refuses to kill him, he starts causing damage in Metropolis to try to force Superman to kill him. But then there's a shocking twist! That item he had with him? The thing we figured was his power battery? Nope, as part of his deep shame about what happened, he has been carting along with him a piece of Krypton!! And that, naturally, is deadly for Superman! There's even an interesting theory that perhaps Kryptonite hurts Superman because of the sound waves it has captured of all the people dying on Krypton...

Anyhow, the mystery dude turns out to be Brainiac, and he begins to kill the weakened Superman and the Green Lantern must see if he can fight back from the low depths that he had sunk to in the wake of Krypton's destruction. Krueger comes up with a very clever (if bittersweet) coda for the Green Lantern. It's good stuff.

You can read the ending in the Adventures of Superman trade paperback (I believe it is in Volume 3, which also has an awesome Max Landis/Jock Superman/Joker story in it).

Thanks, Jim, for letting me know of this added wrinkle to the story of Green Lantern and Krypton!

If anyone ELSE has a comic book related question they'd like to see me address, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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