Krypton: 10 DC Characters We Would Love To See Make An Appearance


Superman fans rejoice, Krypton's coming back for a second season! This SyFy series follows Seg-El and is set decades before Kal-El's birth. The House of El's name has been tarnished, prompting Seg to gather his allies and redeem his family. Season 1 achieved moderate success but failed to reach its full storytelling potential.

Krypton's showrunners aim to rectify this by bringing in more popular characters from the Superman Mythos. The promotional material for season 2 already features Lobo, Brainiac, and Doomsday! Will this effort take Seg-El's show to the next level? We'll all have to wait until June 12th to see. In the meantime, we can collectively fantasize about which other DC we'd love to see on the show someday.

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10 Krypto

Of all the characters connected to Superman's name, his faithful dog typically gets the least amount of screentime. In Smallville, a Golden Retriever named Shelby took over as Clark's dog. Concerning the DCEU/Worlds of DC, we haven't seen hair nor hide of the crime-fighting canine!

We get it; a superpowered crimebusting dog is a bit of a hard sell, even in the world of comic books. However, Krypto wouldn't have any powers if he appeared on Krypton. And, if they wait to introduce Krypto near the end of the series, they can depict him as a puppy that Seg-El gets for his young son Jor-El!

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9 Darkseid

Thanks to all of the videos and articles comparing him to Thanos, we're sure everyone knows who Darkseid is these days. The God of Apokolips doesn't play around—he wages war on New Genesis every other day and considers Superman to be one of his greatest foes!

Darkseid may not look it, but he's incredibly old. Even though Krypton is set decades before Superman's birth, we can guarantee that good ol' Uxas is kicking around. The thing is, Darkseid is unfathomably powerful. As much as we like them, we can't imagine Seg-El and friends beating the Dark God in a straight up fight. Maybe Darkseid can appear to Seg in a vision or get outwitted by Superman's granddad, thus sparking Uxas' hatred for Kryptonians in the first place.

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8 Preus

Sergeant Preus is a character from DC's New Earth continuity, which ran from 1986 to 2011. The stories from this period were pretty wild; Supes died and then came back with a mullet, Batman traveled through time after killing Darkseid, etc. At one point, Superman visits the bottled city of Kandor.

While there, he learns that the citizens have come to worship him as a god. Preus is a devout follower of Superman, as well as a police officer. Preus is a lot like the DCEU version of Zod; he loves Krypton so much that he'll do anything to protect it. We could see Preus appearing on the show as a well-intentioned xenophobe who butts heads with Seg.

7 Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate

Adam Strange isn't the only time traveler in the DC Universe, nor is he the only character who's personally invested in preserving Superman's legacy. Doctor Fate is an incredibly powerful force for good as well as a master magician. In the DC Universe, magicians don't just do parlor tricks, they can bend reality, fundamentally change nature, and manipulate time!

How cool would it be for Doctor Fate to visit Seg-El and take him for a tour of the future? Adam Strange has only told Seg-El about Clark's accomplishments. Via astral projection, Fate could bring Seg forward in time and let him see his grandson's accomplishments.

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6 H'el

Supergirl in H'El on Earth

H'el is a, well, a complex character created during DC's New 52 reboot. In the simplest terms, H'el is an insanely powerful man from Krypton. But in reality, he's so much more than that; H'el is the result of a freak lab accident that merged millions of Kryptonian cells into one being. in layman's terms, H'el is like a smart version of Doomsday who's capable of complex thought!

We already know that Doomsday will play a major role in Krypton's second season. Maybe the showrunners can allude to H'el by basing DD's backstory off of his. They could also briefly make Doomsday sentient and base his personality on H'el's.

5 Mongul


Mongul doesn't get enough respect as he should—at least—in our opinion. This is the guy that accidentally helped Superman discover Heat Vision! He also taught the Man of Steel to breath in space to prepare for the Imperiex War. Just as Batman has a respectful rivalry with Ra's Al Ghul, Superman has a love/hate relationship with Mongul.

Another important aspect of Mongul's character is his control of the Warworld - a massive artificial battleship. Krypton could introduce Mongul and his Warworld as threats for Seg-El and company. Seg and friends could win the day by pitting someone like Doomsday or Brainiac against Mongul.

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4 Tomar-Re


The Green Lanterns are the DC Universe's premiere intergalactic police force. Numerous Lanterns such as Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner have also made for great additions to the Justice League. GLs have unbreakable wills and power rings that allow them to do virtually anything!

Each Lantern is assigned a certain 'sector' of the universe to patrol and protect. Have you ever wondered which Lantern was charged with protecting Krypton? Why it's none other than Tomar-Re, one of Hal Jordan's best friends! Re could appear on the show during Seg-El's darkest hour. Perhaps he could even lend Seg his ring, allowing him to demonstrate the House of El's strong willpower.

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3 Supergirl

Crossover events are all the rage these days. Tons of shows, movies, and games based on comic books feature massive crossovers near the end of big storylines. Wouldn't it be cool if Melissa Benoist could make a cameo appearance on Krypton as Supergirl? It's rare, but inter-network crossovers have happened before.

Baring that, Kara Zor-El could appear at a later point in the show. Maybe Seg-El is much older, and his sons are already grown men. Kara could show up as a little girl, a baby, or even a bump in Alura In-Ze's tummy! Much like Krypto, we feel that Kara could use more love and representation.

2 Zor-El

For decades, Superman fans have known that Clark and Kara are cousins. This is because Kara's father is Zor-El, Jor-El's brother, and one of Seg-El's sons. Superman fans also know about Cyborg Superman, a villainous character who possesses some of Clark's DNA. In New Earth, these characters were separate entities on the opposite sides of the moral spectrum.

In Prime Earth, however, Zor-El and Cyborg Superman are one and the same! If Krypton makes it far enough into the future, we're almost guaranteed to see Jor-El and Zor-El as babies or even children. Depending on how much further the show goes, we could see Zor-El as a teenager or adult on the cusp of embracing his cybernetic persona.

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1 Lara Lor-Van

From the first Superman film to Man of Steel, Jor-El has played an important part in molding Superman into the hero that we know and love. It was Jor-El who built the ship that would save Clark's life at the expense of his own. And, even in death, Jor-El provides Kal-El with fatherly wisdom and sage-like advice.

But what about Superman's mom? Lara Lor-Van tends not to get as much screentime or character development as Jor-El does. However, Krypton could buck this trend in a later season. At a time when everyone's older, we could see a teenage Lara Lor-Van meet Jor-El for the first time. The two of them could embark on adventures similar to Seg and Lyta.

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