Krypton: 5 Things We Want to See in Season 3

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for "The Alpha and the Omega," the Krypton Season 2 finale.

Season 2 of Krypton ended with quite a bang as General Zod was finally overthrown by Seg-El's Rebellion. But the victory party is far from getting started: The resistance members have found Doomsday's body while Brainiac has started to unravel a scheme that could change the fate of Jor-El and Superman forever.

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As all these threads intersect, it's clear Seg still has a long road ahead of him and will need all hands on deck to preserve his homeworld, as well as the future of the House of El. With new alliances made and old villains seemingly put to rest, let's look at what we want to see should Syfy roll out a third season.

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Season 2's closing moments show Nyssa-Vex (Jor-El's mom) on a tropical planet after she jacked Adam Strange's Zeta-Beam device and jumped to Rann to try to learn more about how to reconfigure it for time-travel from Sardath, Adam's mentor. She simply wants to undo her baby's kidnapping by Brainiac, but instead, Nyssa finds dead bodies and an Omega symbol in the rocks, as well as flying folks in the sky which some people think are Parademons.

We'd love to see a young Uxas/Darkseid and his forces of Apokolips on a cosmic conquest, with Nyssa arriving in the wake of an assault. She'd now have to find a way home to warn Seg of a threat greater than Brainiac, one that's into genocide and not preservation, which opens the door for Darkseid's Furies, Kalibak and Steppenwolf. 2017's Justice League didn't done these New Gods justice, and while another film's being planned with Ava Duvernay, DC could allow some to make it to the small screen, maybe even involving the Forever People ala Young Justice, or Orion and New Genesis as allies.


Another potential ally could be Thanagar, the home of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Some theorists believe the winged soldiers seen in the sky were Thanagarian warriors, and despite usually being at odds with Rann in the comics, they could be shaped as friends rather than enemies here, surveying the damage done.

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Seeing as these heroes have appeared in Smallville and the Arrowverse, there's no reason Syfy can't offer another take on them, maybe even fashioning them into a more war-hungry species. It'd be much more loyal to the source material if the show went this route, making them antagonistic and with a penchant for conflict as they try to find a way of surviving the impending onslaught.

The Hawk-people could even be revamped as loyal to Darkseid out of fear, but one thing's for sure: Thanagar fits everything Val-El spoke of when he mentioned rival planets.


The final scene in the finale shows Brainiac heading to Earth to possibly take over as Jor-El and becoming a god amongst men. This could bring Seg, Lobo (who's after Brainiac), Lyta and Co. to the planet for a dalliance similar to when we saw Hiram Kent (Jonathan's dad) meeting Jor-El in Smallville and the alien realizing the planet has good people.

Coming to Earth could plant seeds in Seg's mind about the Kents, Kansas and humanity in general, paving  the way for him to educate Jor-El and pass down what Smallville means -- a beacon of light in a place no one ever expected.

Having the Kryptonians on Earth trying to blend in and find Brainiac would also offer a different dynamic from so many iterations when they're usually trying to take them over, giving us a story in the mold of Roswell as they might even be trying to evade early versions of CADMUS or STAR Labs.


As Nyssa didn't heed Adam's warnings about messing with the timeline, if she gets to manipulate the time-stream, chances are she'll do a Barry Allen and break it at some point. Ultimately, time-travel does create a path for the Legion to arrive, especially as Superman and the House of El are so intrinsically linked to their formation.

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Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and the rest of the gang visiting Nyssa and giving her insight into what needs to happen in order for Seg and Jor-El to open the avenue for Kal-El would integrate brilliantly into Krypton's narrative. Maybe Seg or Val could interact with them and team up to preserve the fabric and overall integrity of a very fragile future. Adam would also have great chemistry with the Legion as he knows the repercussions, and has experienced them when it comes to temporal jumping.


Doomsday still hasn't gotten his due yet in this series as he's been subjugated by Zod and in the scenes where he attacked the Resistance, clever editing (probably due to budgetary issues) only teased the destruction he could cause. We'd love to see him as a one-man army wrecking Kandor the same way he did Metropolis in the comics.

So far, he just hasn't been able to cut loose and has been kept on the fringes, so to have him mentally unshackled and doing what he does best, of his own accord would be the ultimate tribute to the Superman mythos. We know he was engineered to be a hero and then Zod turned him into a lackey, but a free Doomsday with his own agenda would certainly top what Zack Snyder did on the big screen since there would be an emotional weight to him as the brave soldier-turned-monster.

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