Krul Replaced On "Green Arrow" By Giffen

The switched up creator count on DC Comics New 52 titles is now up to two. Just days after word broke that writer John Rozum was leaving the new "Static Shock" monthly, Blog@Newsarama is reporting that JT Krul will no longer serve as story man for "Green Arrow." Starting with December's issue #4, the adventures of Oliver Queen will be penned by Keith Giffen along with current series artist Dan Jurgens.

The news came via early December solicitations from the publisher, though the blog did confirm with DC that the change was permanent. Krul will continue to write the "Captain Atom" monthly.

In June, CBR News spoke with Krul about his work on both relaunch book, and he then said, "It's ironic because even though this is another relaunch, in many ways it's simply the progression of the story that I was already telling. Through 'Fall of Green Arrow' and into 'Brightest Day,' it was about stripping everything away from Oliver Queen and forcing him to evaluate who he is as a person...This is simply honing in on everything that makes Green Arrow such an incredible, cool and fun character in the DC Universe."

Released in the first wave of DC's New 52 series, "Green Arrow" reportedly sold well, though it was met with middling reviews. CBR's Doug Zawisza gave it two stars saying, "This book, like a few others I've read of this first week of the new DC titles, seems to be a slow-burn set-up as opposed to a complete story. Similarly, there really isn't enough compelling evidence in this issue for me to come back for more. Krul drops a significant, would-be surprise on the final page, but the surprise rings hollow, as there doesn't seem to be any significance or notable consequence inherent in it."

In CBR's first installment of the "New Reader Litmus Test" for the New 52 relaunch, "Green Arrow" earned multiple "yeses" in terms of earning a returning reader.

Stay tuned to CBR in the days ahead for more on "Green Arrow" and all the titles in DC's New 52 initiative.

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