Kristen Bell Takes <i>Veronica Mars</i> Movie Campaign To Twitter And Facebook

Kristen Bell knows that a Veronica Mars movie may be a tough sell to Warner Bros., but she remains undeterred in her quest to revive the character that launched her career, and she's taken her fight to Twitter and Facebook.

"WB says [their] research shows the movie [won't] have an audience," Bell wrote via her Twitter account.  "[I] disagree. Currently figuring out how to show them."

Thus far, showing them has involved pushing the #VeronicaMars and #VeronicaMarsMovie hashtags with her 170,000+ followers and recruiting about 14,600 fans for the "I will go see Veronica Mars: THE MOVIE" Facebook group. WB will likely be looking for a few more than 15,000 theater-goers to greenlight the project, but Bell's social media blitz is still in its early days.

She's hoping to galvanize the kind of evidence that will change studio execs' minds about a VM film's prospects via the brute force buzz she's driving, and though there's no stated goal for winning a movie deal, anyone who watched the show knows that she's plenty capable of evidence gathering. Whether those talents extend off-screen, however, is another question.

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