Kristen Bell & Rob Thomas 'Still Looking' to Bring 'Veronica Mars' Back

"Frozen" star Kristen Bell revealed she and "iZombie" executive producer Rob Thomas are up for making more "Veronica Mars" if they can find a way to fit it in their schedules.

"We've ping-ponged other ideas but it always comes back to 'Veronica Mars' because it's so special to the both of us and in truth, because it’s so beloved by fans," she told Entertainment Weekly. "The whole reason to create something is so people will love it and we have the best fans on the planet so we're definitely still looking for the window where we could allow Veronica to exist again, whether it's a miniseries or a short-run cable series."

"There's a constant dialogue about projects and when we can work together again, and it's unfortunate that our schedules are quite different and that my kids and current television show keep me very busy so I'm not often available. But he knows I would be there for anything were I to have the time," she explained.

"We haven't dropped the conversation. It just might end up being more like a 'Murder, She Wrote,' where I’m 80," she added.

Bell also starred as the eponymous character in the Kickstarter-funded "Veronica Mars" in 2014, which also featured appearances from Jason Dohring, Max Greenfield, Percy Daggs III, Jerry O’Connell, Francis Capra, Tina Majorino, Enrico Colantoni and James Franco.

Bell will soon guest star on "iZombie" in the episode "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter," where Liv (Rose McIver) consumes the brain of a young librarian who moonlighted as an erotic fiction writer and assumes her identity. Bell will provide a voiceover for the episode, a role usually filled by McIver. The episode will air on The CW on January 26.

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