Krispy Kreme rolls out 'Ghostbusters'-themed doughnuts

The Ghostbusters 30th-anniversary celebration is about to get delicious.

Krispy Kreme has partnered with Sony Pictures to introduce Ghostbusters and Stay Puft Marshmallow doughnuts, available Sept. 29-Oct. 31 at participating U.S. and Canadian locations. While supplies last, naturally.

Somewhat cruelly, Krispy Kreme provides descriptions of the two doughnuts, almost two weeks before they're available: The Ghostbusters Doughnut is "a marshmallow Kreme-filled shell topped with white icing, a decorative green 'splat' inspired by Slimer, and a Ghostbusters logo sugar piece, while the Stay Puft Marshmallow is "a marshmallow Kreme-filled shell topped with white icing, decorated with Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s familiar face and a sugar piece hat."

Both are offered in conjunction with the release of the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray.

Now through Sept. 29, you can contact your local  Krispy Kreme to preorder five dozen or more Ghostbusters doughnuts. Visit KrispyKreme.com to find a location near you.

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