Krillin It: 15 Hilarious Dragon Ball Krillin Memes

No one in the history of the Dragon Ball universe has ever been as badly made out to be the butt of a joke as much as Krillin has. Krillin gets no respect compared to the rest of the Dragon Ball alumni. Which is a shame because the guy has been in the universe since the very beginning as Goku's best friend. Whether we want to believe it or not, Krillin has always been a vital part of the cast. Again, he was Goku's best friend, he was always loyal, never turned baddie one time, he was instrumental in mentoring Gohan when Goku or Piccolo weren't there, his death directly resulted in Goku becoming a Super Saiyan for the first time ever, etc.

We can continue to list off all the things that make Krililn a great character, but there is just something mighty satisfying about poking fun of the bald man with the six mysteriously ominous dots on his forehead while he's down. With that said, that is exactly what we are going to do and we are going to do so through the wonderful world of memes. Here are 15 of the funniest memes we found about Krillin.


If someone were to find any character in the Dragon Ball mythos who has died more times than either Yamcha or Krillin, it would have to be a long and strenuous journey to find such a character. Between all the movies, shows, manga, etc., Yamcha has been killed onscreen four times while Krillin has died five times. That is a lot of death in the universe of Dragon Ball between two characters.

In Krillin's case especially, it has never been shocking to see either of these characters die. In fact, it would take a miracle for any spin off series of Dragon Ball related material to end without Krillin (especially Krillin) or Yamcha dying one time throughout it. We'd be more shocked to see either of them stay alive for once rather than if they died.


One of the biggest questions that most fans of the Dragon Ball universe tend to have after finishing Dragon Ball Z is how did Android 18 have a child with Krillin? After all, she is at her essence and robot and robots are not exactly the first beings that spring to mind when thinking of creatures who are able to reciprocate.

As funny as this meme is, that question was actually answered during the series, albeit extremely briefly. When Goku comes back from the dead and she's that Android 18 is among the living, he is shocked. Even more shocked to find out she's married to Krillin, and straight up baffled to find out that the two had a child together. When he asks Krillin how it was possible, Krillin retorts that 18 was born a human and Gero only modeled her after an android.


If we can take a moment to recall the events of the Frieza Saga, one of the most pivotal moments of the saga -- pivotal because it led directly to Goku becoming a Super Saiyan for the first time in his life -- is the moment when Frieza killed Krillin brutally in cold blood. If the events of the show turned out anything like this meme, things would be a little different. For those not in the know, antifreeze is used for cars when it gets too cold outside and it basically warms up the engine, preventing the water from freezing and preventing a rigid enclosure from bursting.

In short, it kills anything cold. Frieza literally hails from the Cold Family lineage. If Krillin got a hold of Frieza's one true kryptonite, there would have been no need for a Super Saiyan and Krillin would have saved the day, for once in his life.


Memes and jokes about Krillin dying never get old, but this one in particular is quite the current joke. When Nusret Gökçe dazzled the world with his tremendous cooking techniques, it instantly became a meme for two reasons. For one, a large percentage of the world found this guy to be the most attractive cook who they ever had the pleasure of laying their eyes on.

And second, the way that he spread salt onto his meat while preparing it looked incredibly unique enough to instantly launch a new meme into the meme stratosphere, if there ever was such a thing. In no time, parodies of the same meme were created and it looks like we can add this one to the mix where Goku prepares the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and bring Krillin back to life, again.


When most of us watched the Android Saga for the first time and saw Android 18 plant a coy kiss on Krillin's cheek, we never would have imagined that it was foreshadowing for the future. Even if we tried to imagine it back in the day, it was pretty hard to imagine Krillin hooking up with Android 18 the more their relationship grew with each other throughout the Android Saga.

Not because we thought Krillin was too short or too ugly to be with her -- though those definitely were a few factors we took heed to -- but because one is a human and the other is an android built with the prime reason of killing humans. Fast forward to the Majin Buu Saga and we find out that not only are the two married, they actually have a child together. To say we were shocked at the news would be an understatement.


We all love to make fun of Krillin and talk about how weak he is, but let's face it, Yamcha is way worse and much weaker. Sure, Krillin has a bigger body count above Yamcha's head when it comes down to how many times he himself has died, but more often than not when there is a big battle at stake, Yamcha finds himself on his back more than Krillin has.

Then there's the whole thing where Yamcha had his girl stolen from him by Vegeta back when Vegeta was still the antagonist of the show. Imagine that. Being so weak that your girlfriend would rather hook up with and marry the guy who vowed to destroy the planet Earth than to ever reciprocate with you. Take this L, Yamcha. It's a way bigger L than Krillin ever took.


For anyone who indulges in alcohol from time to time and sometimes goes a little too off the deep end, the look in Goku's eyes in this picture is highly relatable. There is something about getting stone cold drunk that brings out the buck eyed belligerent nutter in all of us.

We have all had that drunk moment where we get so drunk that we can barely hold ourselves up on our two feet, we are constantly stumbling over our own two feet, and constantly screaming and laughing into the sky for everyone to hear as our embarrassed pal tries their best to carry our practically limp body back to the car to shut us up. Ah, alcohol. It's a beautiful thing until one wakes up with one knacker of a headache in the morning.


Ok, this one is not a Dragon Ball meme centered solely around Krillin (although he is clearly present in the meme itself), this one was just way too funny not to include in the list. For those who may not be aware, One Punch Man is the name of one of the hottest animes in the world right now. The story focuses on the title character, a man who is so powerful that all it takes is literally one punch to defeat all of his rivals.

The anime world has not seen a character so powerful since Goku. Goku himself has been so strong that for some lesser power leveled foes, all it took was one move to vanquish them. Whoever Goku has in mind when saying this line in this meme, it is still one sick burn that no one can recover from.


From one baldy to another, the contrast between the characters of One Punch Man and Krillin is both obviously apparent and baffling. One guy is arguably the strongest character in all of anime and the other is arguably the weakest character in all of anime. Weak or not, a lot of fans would still choose Krillin over One Punch Man, as far as likability is concerned.

Of course, if anyone had to choose a tag team partner to combat the evils of the world, no one is picking Krillin over One Punch Man. However, when we boil it all down strictly to personality, Krillin is the clear upgrade in this scenario. One Punch Man is compelling on his own merits, yes, but he is not nearly as funny as Krillin is. Comedy has to count for something nowadays.


As we have expressed before time and time again throughout these list entries, Krillin has died so many times in the Dragon Ball universe that we will not be shocked the next time we see him die. A Krillin death might've stopped being shocking back in the Frieza Saga. maybe sooner. And yes, he will die again.

It's almost a guarantee at this point. He'll probably die at some point during Dragon Ball Super or the next non-canon movie, and the next time we do once again see Krillin on his back with his eyes glazed over to the back of his head, Goku won't be shocked either. If anything, he will just give a bemused grin that he once again has to gather the Dragon Balls to bring his best friend back from the dead, kind of like how this meme turned out.


People love it when their favorite animes crossover into one singular meme, so here is a meme pitting Dragon Ball Z alongside Pokemon. In Pokemon video games, if one Pokemon hits the other with a move that turns out to be extremely strong, the player gets a blurb above their screen that reads "It was super effective!" Which can be pretty laughable when their Pokemon hits a weak move that despite doing considerable damage is still a weak move.

In light of the humor, the super effective line became a meme. As it turns out, by bringing Dragon Ball Z in on the fun as part of the meme, it makes a meme that is super effective in making us laugh until we just cry.


When the worldwide famous Canadian rapper and singer Drake coined the term YOLO a few years back, it became the motto for a lot of millennials in this generation. For those who have been living under the rock that Krillin threw a few memes ago, YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once.

That phrase should apply to every single one of us in this world, but not Krillin. Not when he has lived and died and lived again with so many lives as he has had thanks to the Dragon Balls. Technically, in a world where the Dragon Balls exist, no one really has to live once, so this meme can actually apply to every single character living in the Dragon Ball universe.


We all remember the box office hit Liam Neeson movie Taken and even more than the film itself, we all remember the phone call monologue that he had with the man who kidnapped his daughter in the film. The one where he said "I have a special set of skills...I will find you...I will kill you...yada yada yada...blah blah blah." We all know the spiel.

At least we should, considering we have heard it so often, or at least we have heard so many variations of the monologue now in parodies and more specifically, in memes. This meme with Krillin seems to be the funniest because even in a meme, Krillin has to be honest with himself and admit that he's more likely to be killed than do any type of killing.


There is an interesting dichotomy between who Krillin is as a human and who he is as an overall Dragon Ball character. As a human, he quite might be the strongest human on the planet. Granted, an argument can be made for giving that accolade to Master Roshi instead, but since Master Roshi most likely is not nearly as strong as he used to be back in his prime, Krillin might have taken his spot.

Anyway, as far as Dragon Ball characters as a whole, Krillin would not even crack the top 10. When just looking at the main cast of Dragon Ball characters, guys like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo completely dwarf over Krillin's power level. So in a fight against other humans, Krillin at least has a chance. Against a superhuman, he has no chance in Hell.


Most of this list features lists that bring up the fact that Krillin always dies on the show and manga. It is hard to think of a character who has not killed Krillin at some point during the Dragon Ball universe. King Piccolo, Frieza, Majin Buu, etc. The list of Krillin killers goes on. In a new twist on the age old tale of Krillin, this meme implies that literally everything that can be imaginable in his world is capable of killing Krillin.

Including this meme. Hell, maybe even this entire list could kill Krillin. We have certainly revealed enough sick burns on this list that would be tough anyone to recover from, especially Krillin. Something like this would surely put the poor guy in some type of miscellaneous coma.

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