'Krampus' challenges, but box office remains in 'Hunger Games' favor for third straight week

Katniss held off "Krampus" in what was a relatively quiet weekend at the box office. "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay--Part 2," the fourth installment of the Jennifer Lawrence-fronted franchise, took in $18.6 million weekend over the weekend, according to Variety, giving it three straight weekends as the top theatrical draw.

"Krampus," the demonic Christmas-themed horror comedy starring Adam Scott and Toni Collette, gave "Mockingjay--Part 2" a surprising run for its money. Projected to make between $10-13 million, it placed second with $16 million over the weekend, and even won Friday outright until Ms Everdeen and company outpaced the Legendary/Universal picture Saturday.

Third place was a tie between "Creed" and "The Good Dinosaur," which each brought in $15.5 million, and while the Pixar film has out-grossed the "Rocky" sequel, with $75 million domestically compared to $65.1 million, the buzz around the Michael B. Jordan film appears to be stronger. "The Good Dinosaur" saw roughly a 60% drop in ticket sales, while rumors swirl that the success of "Creed" has led director Ryan Coogler to being drafted into the massive Marvel movie-making machine. The 29-year-old Coogler, who wrote and directed "Creed," as well as his previous feature, "Fruitvale Station," also starring Jordan, is reportedly in talks to direct 2018's "Black Panther," starring Chadwick Boseman.

"Spectre" placed fifth with $5.4M, bringing its domestic total to $184.5.

"Mockingjay--Part 2" has earned $227.1 in the U.S., according to Variety, and $524 globally, according to theWrap, who also note that it is the first sweep of three straight weekends for a film since August's "Straight Outta Compton."

The quiet weekend sets the stage for two weeks of theatrical ramp-up for "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens," which hits theaters December 18, and is expected to break every box office record in the galaxy.

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