'Kramers Ergot #3' to be released November 2002

Press Release

Kramers Ergot #3 is currently available for advance order from distributors from Alternative Comics for items shipping in November 2002.

ISBN: 0-9677989-3-0, Diamond Item Code: SEP02 1781. Mature Readers, 128

pages, squarebound trade paperback, B&W, full color covers, $8.95 US.

Kramers Ergot is a new comix anthology showcasing the very best new

cartoonists in comics. Some of the better known contributors from the first three issues include Xeric winners Anders Nilsen and Hans Rickheit, award-winning animation filmmakers Kathleen Lolley & Stefan Gruber (to be featured in the upcoming third issue of The Ganzfeld), Fort Thunder art associates Ben Jones and Joe Grillo, Neil Fitzpatrick (Neil Jam), Mat Tait (Comix 2000), and Justin Howe (Coober Skeeber). Stories range from light hearted and whimsical, to existential and psychosexual, to the surreal within the nostalgic. Cartooning styles are also quite varied but all of which are held together by an acute aesthetic sense of book design and long lastingness.

Originally produced as a 48 page pamphlet style comic, Kramers Ergot #3 has made the giant leap to a 128 page perfect bound format, with dimensions of 7.25" by 9.25", interior pages printed on heavy cream colored paper, and two color inside covers. Outside covers are full color on heavy rough stock. Kramers Ergot is the only book of its kind: an exquisitely produced showcase for the finest young cartoonists emerging on the comix scene. Contributors for Kramers Ergot #3 include Anders Nilsen, Mat Tait, Neil Fitzpatrick, Sara Varon, Stefan Gruber, Mark Burrier, Zack Soto, Hans Rickheit, Kathleen Lolley, Ben Jones, Sammy Harkham, Joe Grillo, and Luke Quigley.

Kramers Ergot is edited by twenty-one-year-old Sammy Harkham, who felt that there was a serious dearth of books in well produced formats that presented work by new cartoonists. Many of the established anthologies that previously published unknown cartoonists side-by-side with established artists are no longer doing that anymore, or are now defunct. "Hopefully," Harkham said, "people will pick up an issue of Kramers Ergot and feel like they are getting shown what's emerging in comics today."

Harkham, whose work has been seen relatively little in comics, has a

following of fans from his association with independent singer/songwriter, Will Oldham. Dozens of Harkham's haunting drawings were included with the musician's latest two albums "I See A Darkness" and "Ease Down The Road." It is from this association that Harkham has been able to fund Kramers Ergot through its formative stages. "Through selling original art to people who otherwise wouldn't see my drawings," said Harkham, "and because of the Japanese." Harkham is referring to the Tokyo based art gallery Poetry/Of/Sex that has had success working with him. Because Harkham doesn't solicit himself for illustration work, these two work/friendships are what got Kramers Ergot running, and, Harkham hopes, will help it to never slow down.

With plans to have a volume released annually and a shift to full color

interiors and a larger format, Kramers Ergot is positioned to become the premiere anthology for up-and-coming cartoonists.

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