Kotobukiya embraces vengeance and the night with new 'Batman: The Animated Series' statue

Kotobukiya's harkening back to one of the most beloved versions of the Caped Crusader with the latest installment in its ArtFX+ line of statues -- a "Batman: The Animated Series" 1/10-scale figurine.

Standing 7.5 inches tall, Kotobukiya’s “Batman: The Animated Series” statue comes with loads of customizable accessories, including three sets of eyes (normal, squinting, and weak) and three interchangeable facial expressions (open mouth, scowl, and clenched teeth), in addition to three versions of Batman’s right hand that include a thumbs up, a batarang and a grappling gun.

Based of the character's appearance in the first three seasons of "Batman: The Animated Series," the figure features the classic yellow oval bat-symbol with the blue shadow effect on the inside of his grey cape.

Check out some pics of the figure -- which is currently available for pre-order for $49.99 USD -- below:

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