Konosuba: The 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

Do you enjoy the isekai genre of anime, where an ordinary person finds themselves teleported to an alternate fantasy world? The genre is still going strong, and some major titles have really put isekai on the map. Don't forget Konosuba, a lovable parody of isekai.

Kazuma Sato finds himself in a wondrous fantasy world of knights, wizards, monsters, and guilds... and annoying party members! He's a sleazy kid with incredible luck stats, and he and the girls try to earn cash slaying monsters and saving the world from anything and everything. Some of the characters are pretty powerful in between all the gags, so, here they are, sorted by sheer power. (P.S. Only the anime and OVA are being counted!)

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10 Eris

She's a goddess and one of Aqua's peers, but she's mostly involved in scenes for the comic relief (Aqua shares her chest-padding secret often). At least she has a better personality.

Eris also arrived in the mortal plane as "Chris," and she taught Kazuma the "steal" skill. Kazuma indeed used it... to start collecting girls' underwear right off their bodies! It's an X-rated tale of Prometheus giving humanity fire.

9 Kazuma Sato

Meet the otherworldy protagonist of Konosuba... then wonder what the heck is up with this kid. He's rather self-centered and conniving, and he'd rather exploit everyone and everything around him than be any kind of hero. He's here for fun!

His combat skills are minimal, and, most often, he flees from danger along with his party members. His Luck stat is maxed out, though, so he winds up getting his way by some means or other. Don't expect him to become a folk hero anytime soon, though. Kazuma is more absorbed by worldly pleasures.

8 Darkness

Her real name is Dustiness Ford Lalatina, but she'd rather go by Darkness. As a Crusader, this girl has the right armor, swords, and knightly values for the job, but not much else! Her swordsmanship is bottom tier, and she can't hit the side of a castle wall.

Which is why Darkness is better suited for defense or decoy work. She's extremely tough with or without the armor on, and her stamina is impressive. What's more, she actually enjoys getting roughed up, so it's easy to convince her to act as your meat shield!

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7 Beldia

Meet one of the generals of the Demon King's army! For the most part, Beldia (a dullahan) keeps to himself, holed up in that castle of his. But Megumin's repeated explosions on that seemingly abandoned castle wore out his patience, and he arrived on the battlefield at last.

He's got some curse powers and inflicted them on Darkness! It didn't pan out the way he wanted, but he did get into a high-voltage duel with that crusader. Ultimately, he met his end when many magical spells blew him apart.

6 Aqua

Aqua has a special place in the story of Konosuba, being the goddess who introduced Kazuma to the new world and becoming his first adventure party member. She's often considered totally useless, though, and some strikes against her include her bratty behavior, short-sightedness, bad spending habits, and getting munched on by giant frogs.

Still, her power is real, and, once in a while, Aqua even uses it correctly! She can create water out of nothing, purify it, create barriers and purify curses, and even perform amusing party tricks. Just her presence can damage the undead or unholy creatures, and she's got a lot of magical power for Kazuma to borrow with the life-drain power that Wiz taught him.

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5 Megumin

Fans love Megumin, and for good reason! She hails from the Crimson Demon clan, and she graduated from magic school early due to her exceptional performance. Being a good person, she also sends money back to her impoverished parents.

Her skillset is limited, though. What's Megumin's "thing"? She sets off explosions! Just one per day, though, since casting that spell is exhausting for poor Megumin. Better aim that explosion well, or she's out of the fight with nothing to show for it. Luckily, she's already scored some major victories with that power.

4 Yunyun

This girl is another member of the Crimson Demon clan, and her magic power is not to be underestimated. She's not slinging explosions, but, then again, Yunyun's magical repertoire includes many other spells.

Yunyun knows some destructive spells such as a lightning spell, and she can also use a sword of light to slice enemies apart. Don't forget her teleportation magic, either, which allows her to reappear anywhere she's been before. It's fast travel, to put it in RPG terms we know. How convenient!

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3 Hans

Don't be fooled by this guy's simple appearance. He is, in fact, one of the Demon King's generals, and he is found lurking near a town that worships Aqua. So, Kazuma's party confronts him... and they witness his true power!

Hans can morph into a huge, acidic slime monster, and he can easily dissolve the flesh right off your bones. Hans acted as one of the major boss battles of the anime, and boy was it tough taking him down.

2 Vanir

Who's that charming gentleman? That's just a convenient body; Vanir is actually just the mask itself, and he can place that mask-body on anyone and use their body as his own. He did this to Darkness once and granted her power far beyond anything she had herself.

Vanir can fire a powerful beam, and few very characters can survive that death ray. Not to mention how Vanir can make dirt golem bodies to distract and overwhelm his enemies, and his combat skills and durability are high. Fortunately, he stops being hostile to Kazuma's party and soon starts hanging out with Wiz at her shop.

1 Wiz

This lovely woman is, in fact, one of the Demon King's generals, like Beldia, Hans, and Vanir. Yet, she doesn't look or act the part. Instead, she's running a nice little magic shop where adventurers are free to buy her wares. She gets along great with just about anyone she meets.

Wiz's powers are off the charts, and this has come in handy. She can create a magic swamp to drag down hordes of enemies at once, and she can use a life-drain spell (and taught it to Kazuma). Her ice magic is impressive, and she can also sense nearby traps or enemies with ease. A few times, Kazuma's party only survived a battle because Wiz provided heavy-duty backup!

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