New Kong: Skull Island Art Nods at Iconic Apocalypse Now Poster


We don’t know a whole lot about “Kong: Skull Island,” the upcoming Legendary Pictures King Kong reboot, but it’s probably a safe bet that the film has little to do with the loss of self and sanity amidst the panicked, hellish backdrop of the Vietnam War.

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Nevertheless, the folks over Legendary have commissioned a fascinating tribute to the promotional poster for Francis Coppola’s 1979 war epic “Apocalypse Now,” eschewing Marlon Brando’s haggard visage in favor of the titanic gorilla’s.

The poster features a similar gaggle of helicopters streaking across a melting, fiery orb of a sun. Gone is the little boat that led Martin Sheen down the snaking Nung River to his climactic battle with Colonel Kurtz, replaced by a what looks to be a craft of the “Kong” filmmakers’ own devise. The brightly lit bridge and its bleeding lights from the “Apocalypse Now” poster are also gone. In its place stands a craggy, mountainous outcrop ending in an eerie slice of light that cuts into the river itself.

The similarities are fascinating. Here's the original for comparison.

apocalypse now poster

“Kong: Skull Island” is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Brie Larson and premieres in theaters March 10, 2017. The film was confirmed last year to be in the same cinematic universe as the 2014 “Godzilla,” and will lead into the two gigantic creatures doing battle in the 2020 “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

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