'Komikwerks: Nuts and Bolts' is 'Giffen-tastic'

Official Press Release

[Komikwerks: Nuts and Bolts]Boston, MA ­ Komikwerks Presents: Nuts and Bolts is the latest comics anthology collection from Komikwerks. It features creator-owned short stories from such comic pros as Keith Giffen, who co-created and wrote 6 of the 13 stories in the book.

An all-star cast contributes to the book, including Art Thibert, reknown inker of such books as Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man; Cynthia Martin, veteran Marvel comics penciller known for her work on Star Wars comics; Aaron Sowd, another well known inker of DC's JLA and Detective Comics; Will Meugniot, comics veteran and X-Men the Animated Series producer; Todd Demong, penciller of Dark Horse's Hell comic; Bruce Zick, artist on Pixar's Oscar-nominated Finding Nemo film; and Caroline Hu & Simon Rodgers of WB Animation.

"Our last two anthologies have been fantastic," says Shannon Denton, Komikwerks co-founder and co-creator of the 6 stories written by Keith Giffen, "and this one continues what Komikwerks Volume 1 and 2 started ­ great creator owned comics by highly talented animation and comics pros. And of course, I'm thrilled to be working with Keith, he's a comic industry legend!"

Komikwerks Presents: Nuts and Bolts can be ordered now through the February issue Diamond Previews (Order # FEB04 2489). It will ship in April. The book is 140 pages, color cover with b&w interiors, digest-sized (approx 8"x5"), and will retail at $9.95 US, $13.95 CAN.

For a sneak preview of Nuts and Bolts, visit Komikwerks online at http://www.komikwerks.com

Copies of Komikwerks Volume 1 and Komikwerks Volume 2 are also available through Diamond Distributors.

About KomikwerksFounded in 2000 by Patrick Coyle and Shannon Denton, and now co-owned by New York base ibooks, Komikwerks is a comic publisher dedicated to publishing high-quality, professional level, creator-owned comics through digital and other distribution methods. Komikwerks.com launched in March of 2001, and has been name a Sci Fi Channel "Cool Site". Contributors to the Komikwerks site include comic industry veterans from major print publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse.

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