Komikwerks goes portable with PSP Packs

Official Press Release

Today, Komikwerks, LLC announces that six of itswebcomics are now available in Sony PSP packs! Checkout www.komikwerks.com/psp/ for the following:

Grounded Angel, Part 1, a shoujo fantasy webmanga bySteve Horton, Vivi Erlanita & Johnny LoweTerranova, Part 1, an action-adventure webmanga byRich Lazowski, Emilio Lopez & Akutenshi13Elf-Help, Part 1, a fantasy humor webcomic by RobertBurke Richardson, Martin Morazzo & Robt SnyderLifelike: Skin Deep, a slice-of-life webcomic by DaraNaraghi & Tom WilliamsUniversal Intergalactic Discovery Company, Inc. Parts1-5, a sci-fi comedy webcomic by Bruce ZickKnight & Gale, Part 1, a spy thriller webcomic byChristopher Mills, Rick Hoberg & Matt Webb

"I'm excited about the opportunity to expandKomikwerks's offerings to a new format," says SteveHorton, online comics editor for Komikwerks. "Now fansof our terrific webcomics can view them on road trips,at school, heck, even in the bathroom!"

Komikwerks co-founder Patrick Coyle added, "Theaddition of the PSP packs to our site is yet anotherstep in our goal of distributing quality comicsthrough new and untraditional means. We started whenwe launched our website in 2001, continued it when welaunched our line of ebooks earlier this fall, and nowwe're jumping into theportable realm. Very exciting!"

Further PSP packs will be available in the comingweeks.

Instructions for transferring and viewing the comicson the PSP are available on the site. Please e-mailsmashoutgames@yahoo.com with any questions!

About Komikwerks

Komikwerks LLC, founded in 2000 by Patrick Coyle andShannon Denton, is a comic publisher dedicated topublishing high-quality, professional level,creator-owned comics through digital and otherdistribution methods. Komikwerks' website launched inMarch of 2001, and has been named a SciFi Channel"Cool Site". Contributors to the Komikwerks site andseries of print anthologies include comic industryveterans from major print publishers such as Marvel,DC, Image, and Dark Horse.

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