Komikwerks announces tribute book, looks for contributions

Shannon Denton of the online publisher Komikwerks has issued the following release in response to the nation's tragedy:

At this time of crisis, there is only so much that we as people can do: give blood, donate food and clothing. But as creative professionals, we have certain gifts and talents that other do not. We can put them to use in this time of need.

A Vision of Hope: the Hero's Fund, as the project is called, is going to be a collection of original comic art by creators all over the world. The plan is for the art to be auctioned off and the profits will be donated to relief efforts for the Washington and New York terrorist attacks.

If you would like to contribute a piece of artwork to A Vision of Hope, please consider the following:

a. The artwork can (but is not required to) contain your favorite hero. It should be an iconic character as the ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible. It'll be hard to get national attention drawn to this if we all draw Dr. Half-nekkid Tornado Lady instead of some of the more obvious characters.

b. The artwork should convey a message of heroism, patriotism, and hope.

c. The artwork should NOT contain any anti-ethnic messages, nor racial slurs. We will immediately reject these submissions.

d. These pieces can be black and white, color, any medium and size. We do want to put the collection together quickly, so please do not choose a style and medium that will take long to complete.

e. Once you have a sketch or piece of artwork ready, please create a low-resolution JPG file and email it to Patrick@Komikwerks.com.

We are hoping to set this up as a neutral territory where all of the artwork can be seen as things get organized. Depending on how the auction is ultimately set up (most likely eBay's charity site) this could just be one of many areas where the art is made visible. We want as many people as possible to see it.

Ultimately this project will probably need to be coordinated through the publishers as they own these characters and their support will be needed and appreciated if we are to reach as many as possible. Thanks and I hope to hear from all of you soon. Feel free to pass this on to as many comics professionals as you can.


-Shannon Denton

An early list of contributors includes:

  • Erik Larsen
  • Howard Shum
  • Lee Weeks
  • Phil Hester
  • Andy Kuhn
  • Keith Giffen
  • Kevin Eastman
  • Deon Nuckols
  • Sean Parsons
  • TidalWave Studios
  • Will Meugniot
  • Bernie Wrightson

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