Komikwerks and ibooks, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

Official Press Release

New York, NY/Boston, MA -- May 1, 2003 -- Komikwerks, LLC, owner of Komikwerks.com,a leader in creator-owned online comics and web based comics community-building,has entered into a partnership with ibooks,Inc, the first simultaneous publisher of books in printed form and on theInternet. ibooks printed titles are distributed by Simon and Schuster and ibooksebooks titles are sold by a variety of partners, including Palm Digital Media.

Komikwerks' founders, Patrick Coyle and Shannon Denton, have executed anagreement with ibooks that gives ibooks an equity stake in Komikwerks, LLC andactive involvement in its future development. ibooks president Byron Preiss, hasbeen involved in the development of digital comics for many years, andestablished the first major website for comics online, virtualcomics.com in1995.

"We're very excited about this new partnership with ibooks," statedCoyle, "This bilateral agreement brings ibooks expertise to Komikwerks andalso gives Komikwerks entry to the print world through a partner who has a greatreputation for publishing high-quality work. Byron Preiss and ibooks haveknowledge of both the graphic novel and publishing industries. They havereleased titles with a roster of talent that includes Jim Steranko, HarveyKurtzman, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Matt Wagner, Dean Motter , Mike Mignola,Dave Gibbons, and Moebius, to name a few."

Through Komikwerks, ibooks will gain access to the large online audience thatKomikwerks has built since the launch of Komikwerks.com in March of 2001."I am impressed with what Komikwerks has been able to build from scratchover the past 2 years. They've built a strong product and a loyal audience.Komikwerks is an ideal partner to extend ibooks reach on the Internet and tobuild an audience for ibooks new graphic novel line, which includes titles suchas "Vic and Blood" by Harlan Ellison and Richard Corben and "HonourAmong Punks" HONOUR AMOUNG PUNKS by Guy Davis and Gary Reed."

Komikwerks co-founder and comics innovator Denton adds, "We're bothdoing the same thing from different angles: delivering high quality comics toreaders around the world. Ibooks is doing this through worldwide print andebooks formats, and Komikwerks is publishing online comics weekly for a globalcommunity."

This partnership will allow the two companies to create new synergies betweenonline and print publishing. "We're now able to create new types ofproducts, products that neither of us would have been able to create on our own,"boasts Komikwerks co-founder Coyle. "We've got some great projects in the workswhich we'll be announcing in the very near future."

"Ebooks are a growing audience and have tremendous synergies with theaudience for comics. Ebooks are portable and accessible anywhere there's acomputer or wireless PDA. Komikwerks' community will be among the first to beable to download topflight comics in high-quality formats compatible with Palm,Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Reader formats. We can't wait to get started!"agrees ibooks' Preiss.

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