Komikwerks: A year in perspective

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Boston, MA - In March, Komikwerks celebrated its very first birthday. Having spent a jam-packed year nurturing their enterprise, its creators finally have time to look back on what the company has accomplished. "We've really been expanding," says cofounder Patrick Coyle, "the site now carries over 75 titles from around the world." True enough. Contributors to Komikwerks can be found on four continents, in such countries as England, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, and New Zealand. Complementing its geographic diversity, Komikwerks encourages contributions by emerging artists as well as established ones. "We've worked with pros like Ernie Colon, Marc Pacella, Vatche Mavlian, Gary Carlson, Shannon Wheeler, Shrunken Head Studios, Shawn McManus, Ande Parks, Andy Kuhn, and John Staton," says cofounder Shannon Denton, "but we also carry a large body of work by artists just getting started in their careers."

During its inaugural year, Komikwerks has been blessed with notice from the mainstream comics industry: Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon made a guest appearance in a recent episode of Roberto Corona's "Welcome to Heck", and artists like Keith Giffen, Bernie Wrightson, and Ladronn have contributed pin-ups to various other titles on the site. This past winter, Komikwerks partnered with Oni Press for "A Vision of Hope". Oni and Komikwerks gathered hundreds of artists' work for auction, the proceeds of which went to the Red Cross to benefit 9/11 charities. Over $20,000 was raised.

Ernie Colon, who writes and illustrates "Doodlemovies" for Komikwerks, applauds the company's commitment to supporting a broad community of artists. "That they've constructed this important outlet for auteur continuity with grace and class well - defies all odds." Citing the difficulties of maintaining an internet-based company, Colon calls Komikwerks "a notable achievement" in the growing world of online comics.

In addition to adding a variety of new titles to its repertoire, Komikwerks has also taken on several new staff members and correspondents. Says Coyle, "We're excited to watch Komikwerks grow as a business as well as a community." Together with its contributors, the Komikwerks staff looks forward to a bright future, not just for the company, but for online comics. "A future," claims Ernie Colon, "in which personal expression is as important as the machine tooled, assembly line blockbusters. Nothing less than that." Nothing less, and a whole lot more.

ABOUT KOMIKWERKSKomikwerks was founded in 2000, for the purpose of proliferating comics on a global level, utilizing a cheap and easy method of publishing: the internet. In so doing, Komikwerks offers talented creators around the world the chance to publish their creator-owned work. Starting with komikwerks.com, Komikwerks will expand out to other forms of electronic media, as well as traditional print publishing, always putting an emphasis on high-quality, well-told, professional-grade, creator-owned comics.

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