Kodansha announces 'Attack on Titan' spinoff, other licenses

Kodansha Comics, the publisher of the bestselling manga Attack on Titan, announced a slew of new manga licenses late today at an event at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in New York. The new titles, all of which will be published in the second half of 2015, include an Attack on Titan spinoff and a second Colossal Edition, as well as new series by Blade of the Immortal creator Hiroaki Samura and Deadman Wonderland artist Jinsei Kataoka. Here's the rundown:

The Science of Attack on Titan, by Rikao Yanagita: One of the cool things about Hajime Isayama's hit Attack on Titan is that the world is really well thought through, and every now and then the story pauses for an explanation of the structure of the walls around the city, or what's known about the Titans. Yanagita takes this a step further for the curious fan, tackling questions like what, exactly, Titans live on and how the walls were built.

The Attack on Titan Colossal Edition, Vol. 2: Kodansha published the first volume last year; it's a deluxe hardback edition with extra color pages, along the lines of the Walking Dead Compendium, collecting the first five volumes of Attack on Titan. This 1,000-page second volume will collect volumes 6-10.

Maria the Virgin Witch Exhibition, by Masayuki Ishikawa: The sequel to Maria the Virgin Witch, which Kodansha will publish starting in February. The anime is already running on FUNimation.

Livingstone, by Tomohiro Maekawa and Jinsei Kataoka: Going to the press release for this one: "Two men search for people who are about to die before their time. Their goal is to save these people if they can, or, if they can’t, to retrieve their livingstones – their souls – before something else can get them."

Die Wergelder, by Hiroaki Samura: This manga about three female killers who battle over money ("Wergeld" is German for the compensation paid by a killer to the victim's family) began in 2011 and just wrapped up in October in Japan.

Appleseed: Alpha, by Iou Kuroda: This is an adaptation of the prequel to the Appleseed anime by Iou Kuroda, best known to English-speaking manga fans as the creator of Sexy Voice and Robo.

Fairy Girls, by BOKU: A spinoff of another big Kodansha series, Fairy Tail; as you might guess from the title, this one focuses on the ladies.

Kiss Him, Not Me, by Junko: Speaking of the ladies, here's a new series about a yaoi manga fan who would rather watch guys kiss each other than be kissed by them.

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