Knowledge Waits: The Mad Covers of Sergio Aragones!

This is the first of a new feature that is basically just comic book facts that interest me. Here is a collection of all of the installments in the feature so far.

This past week saw the latest issue of Mad magazine (#522), which had a cover by the legendary Sergio Aragones. Did you know, though, that despite working for Mad for over FIFTY years, this is only the THIRD cover that Aragones has ever done for the magazine proper (not counting specials or other one-shots)? Obviously, it is not THAT weird when you think about it, as Mad has had a certain amount of "regular" cover artists, so the fact that Aragones did not get the chance too often is not that surprising, but that it only happened on THREE issues still surprised me when Mad's Ryan Flanders told me about it the other week.

Read on to see Aragones' three Mad covers!

First up is 1979's #210...

Next is 1990's #293...

Finally, we have this past week's #522...

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