Knowledge Waits: Curt Swan's Superman Faces Design Sheet

This is the latest in a feature where I just share some bit of comic book history that interests me. Here is a collection of all of the installments in the feature so far.

Today we look at a pair of design sheets by legendary Superman artist Curt Swan that were used to show other Superman artists how to draw Superman's face in various emotional states.

Curt Swan was THE Superman artist for more than two decades, and as such, his version of Superman was basically the definitive one at DC, to the point where they would have him create design sheets where other artists could learn from him how to draw Superman.

This first one was reprinted in the DC Vault...

This next one is from the private collection of Frank Giella, son of longtime comic book artist Joe Giella. It was a present to Frank from Julie Schwartz...

Very cool. Especially cool to see Swan ink himself.

And here's one last guide for other artists that Swan did...

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