Knowledge Waits: Comic Book Appearances by Every U.S. President Since the Golden Age

Jimmy Carter

In 1977's Justice League of America #150, Steve Englehart, Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin have the Star-Tsar threaten President Carter...

Ronald Reagan

In 1988's Captain America #344 by Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer and Al Milgrom, the Viper poisons Washington D.C., turning people into snake creatures, including the President!

Cap then fights the transformed President but luckily, Reagan sweats the chemicals out and turns back to normal...

At the end, though, there's a twist!

George Bush

A year later, newly elected President Bush lays down the law at the end of the Janus Directive crossover between the Suicide Squad, Checkmate and Captain Atom in Suicide Squad #30 by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, John K. Snyder and Karl Kesel...

Bill Clinton

In 1996's Captain America #453, President Clinton gets a major appearance in the conclusion of a storyline where Captain America is branded a traitor and exiled from the United States. Cap proves his innocence (it turns out that the Machinesmith was manipulating the truth) and returns to save Clinton from an attack by the Machinesmith...

Those are some awesome scenes from the creative team of Mark Waid, Ron Garney and Scott Koblish!

George W. Bush

In 2003, Erik Larsen featured President Bush in Savage Dragon #107...

Barack Obama

In 2012's Amazing Spider-Man #683 (exactly 100 issues after Spidey helped Barack Obama during inauguration, a book that came out a week BEFORE Obama's term began, so it doesn't count), Spidey and the Avengers speak before the world's leaders to stop Doctor Octopus' plans in an issue written by Dan Slott and drawn by Stefano Caselli...

Happy Presidents Day, everyone!

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