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In this feature, I just collect pieces of comic book history that interest me (and don't really apply to other columns, like Comic Book Legends Revealed or Abandoned an' Forsaked or I Love Ya But You're Strange).

The installments are in chronological order, so the most recent ones are at the end...

1. The Mad Covers of Sergio Aragones!

2. Wally Wood’s Design Sheets for Daredevil

3. Jack Kirby’s Original Design of the Sentinels

4. Mark Gruenwald’s Early Preview of Star Wars

5. 1984 Pronunciation Guide for Marvel Comics Writers and Artists

6. A Reader Poll About the Greatest Challenges Captain America and America Would Face During the 1980s

7. Every Supervillain Death by the Original Scourge of the Underworld!

8. Comic Book Appearances by Every U.S. President Since the Golden Age

9. Fifty Shades of Spider-Man

10. The Possible Hints Over the Years That Iceman Is Gay

11. Every Marvel Assistant Editor’s Month Comic

12. The History of Trans Characters at DC and Marvel Comics

13. Curt Swan’s Superman Faces Design Sheet

14. Batman Travels To Each State in the United States

15. Original Designs for the All-New, All-Different X-Men

16. Thirteen Times in the First Fifty Issues of Fantastic Four That the Invisible Woman Was Kidnapped

17. Nine Times Doctor Doom Survived Seemingly Certain Death

18. The Two Most Swipe-Filled Issues of Wolverine Ever

19. Twenty Rejected X-Men Covers

20. A Year's Worth of Marvel Cool-O-Meters

21. Spider-Man Fights Gladiator…In a Snack Food Comic Book?

22. All of DC’s Original Bloodlines Characters

23. George Perez Batman Illustrations

24. The History of Marvel’s No-Prize

25. All of Marvel’s Characters From Their 1993 Annuals

26. Superhero Tijuana Bibles

27. Rejected Spider-Man Covers

28. Original Designs of 12 Famous Superheroes

29. 11 Superheroes That Refused Membership in the Avengers

30. Check Out the Cool Hulk Transformation on the Covers of Hulk #292-300

31. How to Pronounce the Name of Thor’s Hammer Plus Other Tricky Comic Book Pronunciations

32. 14 Superheroes That Refused Membership in the Justice League

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