Knowledge Waits: All of Marvel's Characters From Their 1993 Annuals

In Web of Spider-Man Annual #9, Terry Kavanah, Nelson Ortega and Don Hudson gave us a trio of demonic siblings known as The Cadre. Here they are fighting Spider-Man later in the issue (art now by Chris Marrinan and Keith Williams)....

In Wonder Man Annual #2, Gerard Jones and Gordon Purcell introduce a handicapped hero who fights with an exo-skeleton (seriously, did no one think to tell some of these people that you shouldn't have multiple handicapped heroes with exo-skeletons?). This issue was fascinating in that Jones HEAVILY works this into Wonder Man's continuity, in the sense that it doesn't really work that well unless you are completely up to date on Wondy's book (lots of editor's notes). Still, Hit-Maker, while a terrible character design, was an interesting idea. A sort of counter to what Wonder Man was once - an entertainment-driven hero...

In X-Factor Annual #8, Peter David, Terry Shoemaker and Mark McKenna introduce us to Charon, a death-obssed jerkwad who gains the ability to bring people back from the dead to serve him.

I won't spoil who he brings back to fight X-Factor, but if you were a regular reader of X-Factor at the time, it was hilarious, and it helped add some extra zing to a series of recurring jokes David did in the book. Very, very clever stuff by David.

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