Knowledge Waits: All of Marvel's Characters From Their 1993 Annuals

In Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13, J.M. DeMatteis tied his new creation, Nocturne (along with artist Jerry Bingham) into a few of his past storylines, a Baron Zemo story from Captain America and then then recent Vermin storyline (Vermin, too, came from DeMatteis' Captain America run)...

DeMatteis used Nocturne in his Amazing Spider-Man run.

In Thor Annual #18, Ron Marz, Tom Grindberg and John Nyberg introduced a compelling villain known as the Flame...

In Uncanny X-Men Annual #17, Scott Lobdell introduced perhaps the second-most successful character from these annuals, with the X-Cutioner, drawn by Jason Pearson and Mark Farmer. The X-Cutioner was an FBI agent who used confiscated supervillain weaponry to hunt down evil mutants. He eventually just became a standard mercenary, but a catchy one.

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